AR-Controlled Suction Excavator at topsoft

The WebGate booth featuring a huge AR-controlled suction excavator was one of the highlights of the topsoft exhibition in Zurich from 28th to 29th August 2018.

Suction excavators are used in the field of underground supply cables as a gentle excavation method for repair or cleaning work. Instead of arduous physical work with shovel and air hammer or the risky use of an excavator, the available soil is simply suctioned away with the suction excavator.


Suction excavator trucks by RSP are equipped with the Batix BX:TELEMATIC IoT framework and include more than 200 sensors, connected to the internet for remote monitoring an control. The truck can also drive-by-wire, although this was not part of the demonstration at the booth.

Visitors of our booth had the opportunity to control the suction excavator using augmented reality by wearing MS-HoloLens glasses, connected to the sensors and actors of the truck. The pipes in the underground are also displayed using augmented reality. 

Besides the augmented reality truck, we also had other showcases at the booth:

- DeepLens Artifical Intelligence Camera by AWS, to demonstrate object detection using deep learning in a live camera feed
- Customer cases built by WebGate using cognitive services like the Migros packaging solution
- Amazon Echo with custom business skills created by WebGate, to query information about employees like calendar entries or vacation plan from the serverless absence planner application.

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